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2018 Fall Information Grades 4-8

Under the direction of the Shakopee Boys Basketball Association, Players in Grades 4-8 will have the opportunity to play in the 2018 MYAS Gopher State Fall Basketball League. The Shakopee Boys Basketball Association is one of the host sites and some of the grade levels will play some of their games in Shakopee.  This does not guarantee you will play in Shakopee during these 4 weeks.  

Players must live or be opened enrolled in the Shakopee School District #720 to register.

The playing dates are the following four Sunday’s, September 16, 23, 30 and October 7, 2018. 

The Fall League is a competitive basketball league for players who will try-out for the Shakopee Boys Traveling Teams for the 2018-19 winter season. Game jerseys will be provided by the Shakopee Boys Basketball Association.

The Shakopee Boys Basketball Association will make as many teams as necessary to try to allow all who register to be put on a team, we reserve the option to return any or all registration fees if we do not receive enough registrations for a grade level, we plan to have teams for each of the following grade levels: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade. The players will be assigned to a Fall League team by the Association; there will be no Fall League try-outs.

One or both parents, including coaches spouses may be asked to work a minimum of four hours on one or more of the four Sunday’s, since Shakopee is hosting part of the Fall League.

The Registration Fee for the 2018 Fall League is $70.00.

Note: Registrations are NOT accepted at the Shakopee Community Center.

Winter Travel 2018-19 4th Grade - 8th Grade

The Shakopee Boys Basketball Association provides opportunities for youth in Grades 4 to 8 to participate in travel basketball.  We do allow 3rd Grade Players to try-out for 4th Grade Travel.   

Players must live or be open enrolled in the Shakopee School District to register.  

 Traveling Basketball is a competitive basketball program. Four Travel Teams per grade level will be formed, if enough players register. Participants should attend both evaluations sessions.  Team selection is based on skill level.  Game participation will be at the discretion of the coaching staff.  Teams will participate in approximately 2-3 weekend tournaments per month, from November thru March, including the state tournament. Practices will be held twice a week at various school locations.  Game uniforms will be provided but remain the property of the Shakopee Boys Basketball Association.  Parents are responsible for all transportation. Players who do not make a travel team will automatically placed on a Saber League team.  No refunds will be given if your child does not make a travel team.

Registrations will be handled online, 2018-19 fee: $125

An Additional Travel Team fee of $285 will be due prior to the first Team Practice.

Registrations will not be accepted at the Shakopee Community Center Front Desk.

Travel Team Evaluations will be held on Saturday, October 6th and Saturday, October 13th at the Shakopee High School.  Players are strongly encouraged to attend both Saturday Evaluations. 

2019 Spring Basketball - 3rd Grade thru 8th Grade

2019 Spring Basketball Tournaments – This is competitive traveling basketball – All games are in metro area locations which are not yet determined.

Players must live or be opened enrolled in the Shakopee School District #720 to register.  This program is for players who intend to try-out for the 2019-2020 traveling teams in Grades 3 to 8.  There will be at least one team for each grade if enough players sign up.  We will make teams for every ten players registered by grade; if we do not receive enough registrations for a grade we reserve the right to refund your fee.

Game jerseys will be provided by the Shakopee Boys Basketball Association.  Players will be assigned to a Spring League Team by the Association, there will be no Spring League try-outs.

All transportation will be the responsibility of the players and parents.

Spring Basketball Fee: $100.00 for three (3) tournaments.

Registration is from 2/22/19 - 3/22/19. 

2019 Playing Dates:

  • April 13-14 - Ronald McDonald House Tournament
  • April 27 - MYAS Super Saver
  • May 4-5 (Shakopee Hosting some teams) - MYAS Spring Championships

During 1 or more of these weekend dates some of the teams may be playing in Shakopee and one or both parents of the teams playing in Shakopee will be asked to work, as we will be tournament hosts.

Financial Aid/Assistance

To achieve our goal of allowing more boys the opportunity to play basketball, the SBBA Board of Directors has developed a Financial Aid program.  This ensures that any boy, regardless of financial situation, will have the opportunity to play basketball. 

The SBBA Basketball Financial Program details are the following:

  • For ALL Programs: SBBA will reduce fees by 50% of the full cost of the registration fee, (including the Travel fee when applicable), if the player is a recipient of a free or reduced school lunch. 
  • As part of the registration process, there will be a checkbox to be marked and a code to be entered if the player has requested financial aid. Feature not available until Fall 2019.

Steps to applying for Financial Aid:  Parents requesting financial aid for the program should:

  • send an email to with a subject line of: "Financial Aid Request 
  • attach a verification letter from the school stating that you qualify for free and/or reduced school lunch. 
  • You will receive a code to use during checkout of the online registration, in which you’ll enter the received code.
  • The request will need to be repeated for each registration throughout a school calendar year, then again annually as applicable.
  • You will only need to submit the verification letter one time per school year.

The following is not covered by financial aid:

  • A $100 check to be used as deposit requiring parents to work their designated shifts at the SBBA Basketball Tournament needs to be provided to the Travel Director on or before the first day of the travel evaluations. 
  • If the parents decline to help at the SBBA Tournament, the $100 will be used to reimburse the SBBA for the hiring of tournament workers. Deposit checks from players whose parents work their assigned shifts will be destroyed.