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Saber League (formerly known as In-House)

New for 2018-19 Saber League

In 2018-19, Saber League players will now own their jersey.  In an agreement with the Minnesota Timberwolves:

  • All jersey's will have the Minnesota Timberwolves logo on the back
  • Each player will receive an offer for a free upper level Wolves game ticket (with the purchase of an additional)
  • Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball Academy will put on a 1-hour clinic for players in each league.

Online Registration Information 2018-19, Grades 3 - 8 In-House Basketball

Players must live or be open enrolled in the Shakopee School District #720 to register.

Saber League Teams will be formed in each of the Leagues.  Practice and games will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Players will attend twice a week.  All Saber League players are provided a game jersey, which will be the property of the player.  Schedules with times and location will be posted on this web site after the teams are formed.  If Gym Space is tight we may use some Friday evenings.

Grades 3-4 Saber League
Skills development program, promoting sportsmanship and fun.  Games are played on 10' baskets.  
When:  November 3 - January 26
Where: Shakopee Schools
Fee: $160
Registration Ends: October 19

Grades 5-6 Saber League
Continued skills development, player improvement and team play. 
When: November 27 - February 17 
Where: Shakopee Schools
Fee: $160
Registration Deadline: November 6

Grades 7-8 Saber League
Recreational League, continued skills development, player improvement and team play.  
When: January 16 - March 22
Where: Shakopee Schools
Fee: $160
Registration Ends: January 1, 2019

Volunteer Coaches are Needed for all In-House Programs.

Questions please e-Mail Don West

Registrations will not be accepted at the Shakopee Community Center Front Desk.  Click here to see Important Dates for registration times.

2019 Grade 1 Development


This program is held in the Spring due to the lack of gym space during the winter months.

Grade 1 Basketball Program
Introduction to basketball for boys currently in grade 1. The focus will be on the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and the rules of the game.  Baskets will be at 8 feet.  Each session will consist of skills stations and informal team play, Individual teams will not be formed.  Program space is limited to 24 per session so register early.

Day - Mondays
March 11 to April 15, No Basketball April 1st.
Session 1 - 6pm - 6:50pm
Session 2 - 7pm - 7:50pm
Cost - $45

2019 Grade 2 Program

This program is held in the Spring due to the lack of gym space during the winter months.

Grade 2 Basketball Program
Grade 2 Basketball is a fundamental program that will concentrate on skills, ball handling, rules of the game and sportmanship.  This is a parent coached basketball program designed to promote fun while participating in organized practice and games.  All sessions will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 6 and 8:30pm, each partcipant will attend both evenings.  A 27.5 size basketball will be used and the basket height will be 9 feet. 

There will be 1 night of evaluations, 4 practices, and 7 games.

Parent coaches will be needed for this program.  Program space is limited to 64 players, so register early. 

Days - Tuesday and Thursday
March 12 to April 25 - No Basketball April 2nd & 4th
Cost: $65

Questions please e-Mail Don West

Registrations will not be accepted at the Shakopee Community Center Front Desk.  Click here to see Important Dates for registration times.

Financial Aid/Assistance

To achieve our goal of allowing more boys the opportunity to play basketball, the SBBA Board of Directors has developed a Financial Aid program.  This ensures that any boy, regardless of financial situation, will have the opportunity to play basketball. 

The SBBA Basketball Financial Program details are the following:

  • For ALL Programs: SBBA will reduce fees by 50% of the full cost of the registration fee, (including the Travel fee when applicable), if the player is a recipient of a free or reduced school lunch. 
  • As part of the registration process, there will be a checkbox to be marked and a code to be entered if the player has requested financial aid. Feature not available until Fall 2019.

Steps to applying for Financial Aid:  Parents requesting financial aid for the program should:

  • send an email to with a subject line of: "Financial Aid Request 
  • attach a verification letter from the school stating that you qualify for free and/or reduced school lunch. 
  • You will receive a code to use during checkout of the online registration, in which you’ll enter the received code.
  • The request will need to be repeated for each registration throughout a school calendar year, then again annually as applicable.
  • You will only need to submit the verification letter one time per school year.

The following is not covered by financial aid:

  • A $100 check to be used as deposit requiring parents to work their designated shifts at the SBBA Basketball Tournament needs to be provided to the Travel Director on or before the first day of the travel evaluations. 
  • If the parents decline to help at the SBBA Tournament, the $100 will be used to reimburse the SBBA for the hiring of tournament workers. Deposit checks from players whose parents work their assigned shifts will be destroyed.