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Upcoming Dates to Note:

Fall 2018 Basketball League registration will open (online) on Sunday, August 5th, 2018.  The Fall League consists of 4 Sunday's:

  1. September 16
  2. September 23
  3. September 30
  4. October 7

Recommended reading...

Youth sports began as a way to develop character and values, but they've evolved into a booming industry that involves millions of kids playing on traveling teams, hiring personal trainers, and attending camps and clinics, all in the hopes of achieving athletic greatness. Parents want the best for their kids. Unfortunately, wanting what is best is not always the same thing as doing what is best when it comes to children and sports.

USA Basketball and NBA Announce Age-Appropriate Rules and Standards for Youth Basketball Competitions

Full Story (click here)

- Guidelines Promote Health and Wellness, Skill Development and Enjoyment of the Game for Boys and Girls of All Ages 

- Recommendations Include Equipment and Court Specifications, Game Structure, Playing Tactics and Rules

Sponsorship Opportunities

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